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Monday, February 13, 2012

Best Chao Pat Chin

chow pat chin
     One of the fave dishes that I and my late best friend Lolong is the Chao Pat Chin.Where it is a mixed of vegetables,seafood, spinach and beef and of coarse rice.
     The best place that we usually dine is at Ala King Restaurant near Chung Hua Hospital..They prepared the chow pat chin very well and well presented.

    Every week end  after his duty and after attending the mass we go there and order the same dish and a beer after.
my late best friend taking his last spoon of chao pat chin
  I will share to you how we discover Ala King Chao Pat Chin. One day me and my late best friend went to his old office to check if is it operating still, that is happen to be closer to Fuente Osmena Circle.Afterwards he was done checking that was around 10:45am, he told me  "Bai gutom man ko" then I said we look for a karenderia for us to eat some.We been looking around and we dont like the dishes in the food stand we had looked.So we roam around until we have seen the full air conditioned restaurant and my late best friend told me"Try nato ni bai" then I said okay we will go inside..and then we look their menu posted on the wall and my late best friend who really love vegetables and seafood order the Chao Pat Chin..and I told him "bai duha-a nalang "so we placed our order and we waited like five minutes and yeah it was served hot..and we tasted very delicious and yummy food and safe since its well cooked and clean.
So by then..we go back there every-time we love to eat something healthy...

If you try to have the Chao Pat Chin then try to have the Ala King version..

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